This page contains important security information regarding this Offline CheatBreaker Client

General Information

    • Offline CheatBreaker is a Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 client. Both our version uses the original 2018 CheatBreaker as a base with our own new features, modifications and bug fixes to keep it up to date
    • Offline CheatBreaker is by no means a virus, or ratted in any way. All allegations saying otherwise are false. We do not recommend downloading any versions of this Offline CheatBreaker from anywhere except our website and GitHub. Many people have created malware while pretending to be Offline CheatBreaker
    • Offline CheatBreaker is available to the public in a form of a launcher with 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 launch options (We don't provide direct download links to our game files)
    • All our launcher & game files are obfuscated for obvious reasons
    • We provide cosmetics (capes and wings) for free (Open the cosmetics menu to select the cosmetics you want)
    • Our only official GitHub repositories are available under our GitHub organisation account
    • The Offline CheatBreaker project is completely free of charge for the end user (this includes the launcher, client, cosmetics and more). If anyone tries to sell you anything related to Offline CheatBreaker, please block and report them to [email protected]

CheatBreaker's Official Security Advisory can be found here

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The only website operated by us is

Other CheatBreakers (including Reskins)

We do not support other CheatBreakers as they might (or do) have sketchy owners and malware in the client


If you have questions about our security advisory, please contact us at [email protected]